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Russian Brides – The Basic Differences and What to Expect

Russian brides are different from other women, no question about it. They are different in the way they think, the way they dress, in what they expect from life and mostly: in what they expect from their husband.

What makes them so different from other women? What to expect from a future Russian bride? These are two very good questions to which we will try to bring some answers and light in this article.

What Makes Russian Brides so Different from Women of other Countries? What to Expect from your Future Russian Bride?

  • Russian brides come from the biggest country in the world. A country that was once very powerful and that, despite the 1992 break-up, kept its pride and is without a doubt regaining its position. Thus, Russian women are proud.
  • Russian women are very feminine. They like to always look their best. They take care of their body; they always put make-up and dress as if they were to attend an important event. They regularly wear high heels, nice dresses and fashion clothes.
  • Russian women are generally well educated and the majority has a graduate level with 5 years of university. Because of the world though economy, they may not all have the chance to work in their field but for sure, they spent years in good school and they have a good knowledge of different subjects.
  • Russian brides are generally quite family oriented and have very high expectations of creating a family and being part of a strong and happy family. It does not matter if they have the knowledge and diplomas to be a doctor, an engineer, a notary – the creation of a family is a bigger priority than being self sufficient.
  • Russian brides see their husband as a strong leader who is the head of the family. She dreams of finding a good man with who she will go through life’s ups and downs while never let the downs weaken their couple but at the opposite; make it stronger.
  • Russian brides are tender, loving, faithful, caring and loyal and ...beautiful. Once they decide that a man is their man; they will give him unconditional love. They are not on the defence or on the “brakes”, always wondering if their husband deserves their love. They give, period – and of course, they expect the same.
  • Russian women expect to be treated with respect and dignity – always. Living in a country with 10 million more women than men, it is obviously virtually for many of them to find a suitable husband within their own country. Many of them have friends who tell them how happy they are being married with a man from the outside, often from countries of the west. They want the same.
  • Russian women are expecting to be treated with respect and equality in the couple but at the same time, they expect their man to be a leader and protector. This is exactly what many western men are looking for in a future wife but too often, cannot find in their own country.
  • Russian brides will leave everything behind (family, friends, job – everything) to be with their husband. Although they are quick learners and hard workers – put yourself in their shoes and be patient, loving and helpful and before you know it: they will easily adapt to your environment.

Russian women are without a doubt very different. But then again, all women from any country are different. Perhaps, what makes Russian women so special is their elegancy, their beautiful eyes, their background and level of education, their loyalty to their partner and their desire to create a happy family? Each year, thousands of Russian women become the brides of men from all over the world.

About the authors
Alain Lalonde and Yuliya Kuneyeva are the co-founders of My Partner Forever. Together, they cumulate 45 years of experience in customer service. They specialize at introducing single Russian women to men from around the world. With the help of their partner marriage agencies in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine, they offer a wide range of services to assist their clients to develop a relationship and to meet in person.


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