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Russian Women are Excellent Wives - How to Ease the Integration Process

Russian women can be excellent wives but as any women, they need respect, love and tenderness. Once you have married your beautiful Russian woman, it is the immigration paperwork and process that begins. This is mostly a step by step process that can be achieved easily when following the rules.

Your Russian bride is certainly very excited to move with you in your country but at the same time, she is very nervous and anxious. Don’t forget that your Russian woman is leaving family and friends behind, quitting her job etc.

Russian women are quick learners and can adapt to different situations. Here are some tips and advice on how to ease their integration in their “new world”:

  • Your Russian bride is arriving in a new country. Combined with the jet lag, it will be a big enough stress by itself – don’t plan any big “welcome party” at least for a while. Introducing her to your family members and best friends gradually over the first weeks would make her feel part of your world within being stressed about it.
  • Unless your Russian wife already speaks your language quite well, plan some tutorial for her. Remember that communication is the key to successful relationships. Communicating with online translators and signs have limits. With a good tutor, she could become fully functional in your language within a few months.
  • Don’t delay the paperwork associated with her new residency status. Get her social security card, driving licence, medical plan etc. It will make her feel as being part of your life and country.
  • If your Russian lady has children, introduce her to your local school staff and prepare for her children integration. Plan to have a tutor helping her children for at least the first year.
  • Take the time to show her around all services available in your locality: shopping malls, hairdressers, supermarkets etc. Before you know it, she will have added her special touch to your manly decorated home.
  • Unless she insists, don’t put pressure for her to go to school or find a job. Don’t worry: Russian women are generally not the type to stay at home and watch TV. Just let her the time to get familiar with her new life and everything will fall in place in its time.
  • Plan a short vacation alone with her (and children of course) to show her how beautiful your area and country is.
  • Remember that Russian traditions will follow her for the rest of her life. Let her express herself and you will certainly make very pleasant discoveries. Be patient and remember that she may say the same thing as you but in a whole different way. Don’t let misunderstandings stand between you and her.

Russian women are generally family oriented. They still hold these fundamental values that our parents had. This, combined with their exquisite beauty, makes them very popular to single men from around the world.

About the authors
Alain Lalonde and Yuliya Kuneyeva are the co-founders of My Partner Forever. Together, they cumulate 45 years of experience in customer service. They specialize in introducing Russian women, Ukrainian Women and Belarus Women to men from around the world. They currently work with over 70 marriage agencies throughout former USSR providing a full range of services to assist their clients with traveling plans to meet women in most parts of Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine.


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