Questions all men ask about Russian women seeking husbands abroad

August 5th, 2009
Written by Yuliya

You’ve probably asked yourself at least one of the following questions more than once:

“Why do so many beautiful Russian women looking for men outside of their home country?”

”Are there really so few Russian men available that all these beautiful women are forced to search for husbands in a different country?”

”Why are Russian women so attracted to foreign men? What’s the problem with Russian men that makes beautiful Russian women look outside their own borders for men?”

”Why are so many beautiful Russian women divorced? Are they really so difficult to live with? Or is the stereotype that says all Russian men are alcoholic boors actually true?”

… We will be addressing these questions and many more in upcoming posts, so make sure you come back tomorrow to discover the answers. They might surprise you!

In the meantime, feel free to browse the beautiful Russian women on our site. All of them are seeking a good-hearted man like you… discover which one is your “soul mate” today!

11 Comments regarding “Questions all men ask about Russian women seeking husbands abroad”
  1. sokrd says:

    hi i need girl freind

  2. Richard says:

    Hi my name is Richard and i’m looking for a wife, however i want her to find me so i can begain comuniating with her.
    thank you for any help

  3. Richard says:

    Will a Russian girl ever consider marrying an Asian man, like Chinese? All I ever read being they going to the US!

  4. Alain says:

    Hello Richard,

    Yes Russian women are attracted by Chinese men as any decent man. They are simply seeking a good man to love and beloved.

    Good luck!

  5. Mario says:

    Im Portuguese 46 years old divorced, Eng, and im looking for sambody to live for, enjoy life and be a friend

  6. Dr.Moh'd Ali says:

    Hello to all of you people at My Partner for ever, Im so much greatfull to you for your greate jop that you are helping people to find thier missing lovers and that is what most people need in life to get thier life long partners and here I found alot of beautifull girls and ladies of different ages and different beauty and still Im searching for the one that will fit in my life so please keep on giving me more and more cataloges of those beautifull girls and women pics and profiles. On you go and all the best will be on your way. Looking forward to get more from you. Sincerely Yours Dr.Moh’d Ali

  7. amir hossain mallick says:

    i want marry to Russian lady please help me matchmaking. if you help
    me i am very grateful to you.

    best wishes,
    amir from bangladesh

  8. ricky competente says:

    Hello to all,
    i want to have a wife russian lady please help me and however i want her to find me so i can begain comuniating with her.
    thank you for any help i am fronm philippines

  9. Xavier says:

    Let me tryto describe myself I’m a hard working person , I Love the Caribbean , very positive minded I believe nothing is impossible , I love traveling , I feel very content with my life , I’m Happy , I cherish every little moment , good , bad times ,just part of life , Dreams travel around the world and experience different cultures ,I love snorkling at Coral Reefs , don’t drink at all , looking for a Lady I think my time has come , Don’t know , my life is different I need a lady to help me with decisions , be my lover , my friend ,my bussiness partner , my companion , my anchor , a serious and Honest lady , don’t know what ladies want ? don’t drink , I like exercising , I will give myself in heart , body , and mind if we like each other so far I haven’t anybody here .I will like to find someone we can compliment each other to the maximum , who likes to travel , prone to adventures and open to diferent cultures, with strong family values , someone I can feel secure , someone I can trust , love share and respect ,I wanna feel loved , I firmly believe you can find happiness in the little things in life ,

  10. Lakhwinder says:

    I find a beautiful and slim girl

  11. chander says:

    hi i am an Indian rich man looking for an Estonian companion young female from Tallinn

    please email me your photo and email contact

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