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Merry Christmas from Ukraine

December 30th, 2011
Written by Elena

In Ukraine, we have four seasons so here you have chance to observe all beauty of the nature during these four seasons. Almost everybody like summer, because you can feel the warmth of the sun, the biggest star, in our Universe, and you can feel the cool of morning dew. Everybody likes the smell of […]

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The Christmas and New Year Holiday Spirit is Better When Share with a Loved One

December 24th, 2011
Written by A client

Christmas and New Year are the nicest holidays I could remember from the early years of my life! Christmas tree, Santa, snow, beautiful shop windows and the feeling of the holiday is everywhere during winter season. Today, traditional Christmas activities include carolling, making and giving gifts, or just shopping, sending cards to family and friends, […]

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Finding a Russian Wife – Beyond the Dream

December 20th, 2011
Written by A client

Let me tell you a funny story. On January, 2000, as soon as I had already divorced with my wife finding her in our bed with her Thai Cuisine instructor…. I had a strange dream, my died grandmother came to me in the dream and said to me, that one day I will marry a […]

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Thoughts of a Belarusian Single Woman

December 14th, 2011
Written by A Russian woman

I am on this site with serious intentions to find my other half here. I live in a big city of a small country namedBelorussia. Probably you heard about my country from European news, right?! And the population here is rather strange, we have five women for just one man, yeah of course it is […]

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About Russian Borsch – Soup or Not?

December 9th, 2011
Written by Admin

This time we will tell you about the Russian soup called Borsch or Schi. Maybe at the beginning we should explain that to some Russians, Ukrainians and Belarussians, Borsch is not soup.  At the same time, soup is not borsch to us.  Borsch often is categorized as a soup for convenience, and to most Westerners […]

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Do you Believe in Finding a Russian Bride?

December 2nd, 2011
Written by A client

I came to this site by occasion. Just put my eye on some advertisement on the computer screen surfing on the Internet. But if to be honest I believe we still live in a world full of love, but unfortunately it is often hard to see the reality as it is. We are only the […]

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