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About Russian Borsch – Soup or Not?

December 9th, 2011
Written by Admin

This time we will tell you about the Russian soup called Borsch or Schi. Maybe at the beginning we should explain that to some Russians, Ukrainians and Belarussians, Borsch is not soup.  At the same time, soup is not borsch to us.  Borsch often is categorized as a soup for convenience, and to most Westerners it looks and tastes like a very delicious soup.

This soup is just absolutely delicious. Schi is one of the most traditional Russian soups. It is said to be dated before the adoption of Christianity inRussia. Well known for its sour taste mainly from sauerkraut.

That’s why, with that bit of cultural information clear, we can proceed to the most popular “liquid meal” in the Russian diet. You will find that anywhere you travel in the formerSoviet Union there will be many recipes for borsch which claim to be the original, best, correct, etc.  You get the idea.

Is it necessary to add meat?  Not at all.  The use of beef is traditional in Russian Borsch but often Russians will make this dish with just vegetables.  Vegetable borsch is an excellent menu item during the Easter and Christmas Lenten fasts.   Alternative vegetables to the carrot, potato, cabbage and tomatoes include parsnips and turnips; in fact any root vegetable can be used.

Schi took a special place among national soups. Historians suppose that this dish was known long time ago before Adoption of Christianity in the Rus. Once, all soups were called Schi. Now Schi are cabbage soups. There are a lot of Russian proverbs about schi: “Good wife is not the one who speaks well, but who cooks schi well”. Schi are cooked on meat, fish or mushroom broths.

Schi with meat are served with a meat piece in the plate. Pies and Koulebyaki are very good with Schi. Marry a lady from the former Soviet Union and enjoy your every day schi or borsch 😉 Yummy for your Tummy…

So, enjoy your hand at making borsch.  Just don’t call it ‘soup’… as Borsch or Schi is more than just a soup.

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