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Russian women – “No food without bread!”

July 21st, 2009
Written by Yuliya

Russian rye is one of the most delicious kinds of bread in the world. But it doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the delicious kinds of bread productst you will eat when you’re visiting beautiful Russian women in their homeland. Read on to learn more!

Do beautiful Russian women drink vodka?

July 18th, 2009
Written by Yuliya

We all know the stereotype of Russian men and Russian women drinking nothing but vodka. But is it really true? Read on to find out!

AND even MORE ways to avoid a Russian bride scam!

July 16th, 2009
Written by Yuliya

Okay, this is the last post we’re doing on the subject of Russian bride scams for a while… but we want to make sure you have all the information you need to protect yourself from these horrible scams while you search for your true love! Read on to make sure you never get taken in by a scam…

More Ways to Avoid Russian Bride Scam “Agencies”

July 14th, 2009
Written by Yuliya

Here are more ways to make sure the person you’re talking to really IS a beautiful Russian woman… and not a grizzled Russian mobster who needs a shave! (Yes, Russian bride scams DO exist — here’s the info you need to arm yourself against them.)

Is it a Russian Bride Scam? Four Warning Signs You Need to Watch Out For

July 12th, 2009
Written by Yuliya

If you’re worried about falling for a Russian bride scam, here are 4 tell-tale signs to look for that might indicate you’re being taken for a ride. This information could save you thousands of dollars — and protect you from a broken heart!

Beware Russian Bride Scams! Part 2

July 8th, 2009
Written by Yuliya

Can you imagine falling in love with a “beautiful Russian bride”… only to discover the person you’ve been sending letters to all this time is actually a scary Russian MOBSTER? Read on to discover how you can make sure this never happens to you!

Beware Russian Bride Scams! Part 1

July 6th, 2009
Written by Yuliya

For every authentic Russian matchmaking site like ours, there are tons more sites that are complete and total scams! Make sure you’re not taken in by a Russian bride scam by learning what to look for and how to deal with it…

Russian women and their culture: Jokes!

July 1st, 2009
Written by Yuliya

Some people think that Russian women are all tragic heroines, thanks to famous characters such as Anna Karenina. But nothing could be further than the truth! Most Russian women have a joy for living — and a great sense of humour, too! Find out how you can make beautiful Russian women laugh…

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