Beware Russian Bride Scams! Part 2

July 8th, 2009
Written by Yuliya

If you’re looking for a beautiful Russian bride, you need to be aware that Russian bride scams really do exist — and many intelligent people are taken in by them.

Russian bride scams work because honest people looking for love and marriage need to put themselves out there and make themselves vulnerable in order to show their better nature. And it’s this openness that the people who run Russian bride scams seek to exploit.

We know… Because we are part of this industry we’ve seen these scammers out there. And we really hate them! They give honest matchmakers like us a bad name and they ruin the lives of good people who are simply looking for someone to love.

Women and men like you share their souls and open themselves up to someone they believe feels the same way they do — and then they find out (sometimes too late!) that the person on the other end is not fair, decent, or truthful… or may not even exist!

You need to watch out for Russian bride scam “agencies” that aren’t real… that exist only to extort money from trusting people by using fake profiles that are entirely made up, sometimes using photos scanned from magazines or bought from shady photographers.

You might find yourself talking to a so-called “Russian Brides” and never realize that you’re actually talking to a Russian mobster!

Some of the Russian Bride scam sites use legitimate profiles to disguise the fake ones, but then leave their profiles on their website even after the women have already met someone – they just keep attractive profiles up forever to draw more unsuspecting people into their web.

Some unfortunate men have actually traveled halfway around the world to meet a woman whose address they got from a scam agency, only to find that she’s happily married and had deleted her profile years ago!

There are many similar examples and angles to the Russian Bride scams. It pays to be aware of them, and make sure double check the credentials and intentions of any agency you contact.

However, rest assured there are many real, honest agencies out there, and as long as you know what to watch out for you won’t fall victim to a scam while you’re searching for true love.

In our next blog post we will discuss the warning signs that will let you know when you may be dealing with a Russian bride scam… so make sure you come back soon! The information we will give you may end up saving you thousands of dollars — not to mention meet your “real” true love who isn’t actually a member of the Russian mafia!

(And if you want to meet a real Russian women who’s guaranteed NOT to be part a scam, check out our beautiful Russian brides today!)

2 Comments regarding “Beware Russian Bride Scams! Part 2”
  1. Orion says:

    The most common mistakes men do when they search for a wife in Russia:

    1. Judge women by photos. Glamourous photos, photos as if they are from women’s magazine attract their attention. It is interesting but 80 percent of letters are received by 20 percent of women. But they are not more beautiful, they are not more interesting than others. They have just better pictures than others.

    Men do not pay attention to psychological test result ,to compatibility. But they will live with a woman, not with pictures. They will be unhappy if they have beautiful wife that is always makes rows or constantly nagging and does not want to sleep with them.

    Quite recently I talked to a man from Spain, he was complaining that he had got acquainted by Internet with several Russian ladies, they were completely breathtaking in their pictures, but when he came to meet them they were just average, not superordinary not like those models on the podiums.

    He was walking along the streets of St-Petersburg and saw many beautiful Russian girls walking along the street, they were not in hurry, talked with their friends, lauphed a lot. Why then did he meet Russian ladies who were beautiful in the pictures, but were tired, dull, not funny? Yes, it can happen also. If a girl exausts herself with work (she has, for example, to care alone for her child or she needs to rent an apartmnet and it is very expensive in Russia ) she looks not her best, and you can’t imagine how she changes after rest or after she does not need to work so hard. By accident, all the Russian girls that he met were hard working ones and he saw them after full working day (in one case after a night shift). And he saw in the street Russian girls who had holidays or were students and so had vacations or even does not work at all as they had boyfriends who cared for them. That’s where from such a difference!

    2. The second mistake the men who are looking for a Russian bride do is the result of this also. Many men look for models in appearance, they want to be an envy of all their friends. But they want to live with normal girls-warm, kind-hearted, faithful.

    But most girls who look like models do not want real relationship, they want just men’s admiration, they want to be the center of attention. But they do not need closeness, intimacy, warmth.

    The second reason is that even if there is such a paragon who combines model appearance with warmth and comfort. They are very rare. We have a joke about it:
    Two men are sitting near a fireplace. One man says looking in the fire. I was never married in my life. – Why? – I was alwasy searching for a perfect woman for me. – And? Did not you find her? – No, I found her. But I was not a perfect man for her.

    It is a sad joke but I have met some men who were acting like this and I saw them on different sites for more than 10 years.

    3. The next mistake is a choice! Men just can’t stop (some women are into this also). The best is an enemy of good enouph.They find someone, meet, everything is all right but they continue to look and look for new women. They are poisoned by an idea that maybe somewhere there is a person with whom it is better, who is more interesting.

    4. Men register to the site, but they do not want to place any photo there or they place a photo where it is impossible to see them or they put terrible photos. Some men are under illusion that pictures do not mean anything for women. It is men who choose by pictures, but women prefer them to write clever words, write about their profession, their hobbies. Yes, it is good when you write a lot about you, but for women a lot is determined by your pictures. They do not want men to look like models (in fact, men-models will most likely frighten them away, but they want to see your smile, to see your eyes, to feel calmness and reliability that comes from you, for some it is important to see you in your home. And only then they will read about your hobbies, about your interests and what you like. They are often easy victims of scammers – scammers do not pay attention to pictures and ready to answer or write to them themselves without asking for new pictures.

    5. About 50 percent of men who register on the site prefer to sign on and then wait for Russian beautiful girls to write to them. Guess who has more letters, more choice and more chances to find their love, these 50 percent who are just sitting and waiting for their dream girl to write to them or men who are active themselves, who search themselves and who answer also women who write to them? Yes, the second group of men has much higher chances, especially if to take into account that many women do not want to be the initiators of the communication, they have traditional views on this and regard men as an active side.

    6. But the strategy that surpsises me most is the attitude of some men who need 10 times (or something like that) of confirmation that this particular woman wants to communicate with them. They send women a wink, receive a letter or a wink in return, then send her a postcard, receive something, then wink, wink, wink, after 6 such “signs of attention” most women begin to get tired from this and stop answering. Then they continue to send these signs to the women of his choice. But most Russian girls are already not interested in them.

    7. The last common mistake is that men want to find many women to visit in Russian and only then come, but in reality women who were interested in them loose interest after some time and search for somebody else, men continue their search in the attempt to find more ladies, but again, some ladies do not want to wait for him unknown amount of time and after some time when he does not answer when he can come they stop being interested in him. It is an endless process for them

  2. Hasan says:

    In today’s shrinking world we are fast becoming part of a global village. With the advent and the phenomenal growth of the internet that has been seen over the last decade. This intermingling of cultures, nationalities and races has resulted in so many new and exciting relationships forming, a few years ago this was unheard off, but now in today’s modern world it is just normal. Something similar is happening in the personal relationships and dating of people in this new global village the internet now makes it possible for you to be communicating with anyone in the world within a few minutes. Many special sites have appeared offering niche dating sites, one of the most popular over the last decade has been in the Russian dating site phenomenon, men from all over the Western world seek a Hot Russian brides, part of the reason is because of this new modern world they have discovered how hot Russian women really are.

    Many Russian women are searching for their soul mates outside of Russia, particularly in the west. There are many reasons for this and every individual has their own reason, but one major fact for Russian women search for a man from overseas is the ratio of women to men in Russia , there are nearly 12 million more women in Russia than men so it is not so easy to find a good man for any women. Another reason is the Russian mans mentality when it comes to Russian women, it is very common for a man to be married and at the same time to have several lovers, and this is common and often accepted by most women. Whatever the reason might be, it is a widely held belief that Russian women are the most beautiful in the world and are often referred to as “Hot Russian brides”. Russian women are great in many ways they a great sense of humor, and are not at all competitive while in a relationship, Russian women can be very sexual some men may find this intimidating you will always find a Russian women looking beautiful at all times. A Russian bride would always value her marriage above everything else as culturally they are brought up with the family being of the highest priority, they would never let their career become first over their marriage, this is one reason why Russian brides are so attractive to Western men who are used to women who often place their own career before their marriage.

    So if you have heard about the hot Russian brides looking for Western men now has never been a better time to start your search.

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