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Russian women and their culture: Jokes!

July 1st, 2009
Written by Yuliya

Do you like to laugh? Then you and the beautiful Russian women on our site have something in common!

Russian people are known for their sense of humor and know a lot of jokes, which are very popular. The richness of the Russian language with the variety of words and word combinations and different constructions offers a huge opportunity for a great number of wonderful jokes that come from the daily life of Russian women and men.

Among them are short stories (anecdotes, yokes, jokes as they are called in Russian) with a punch line. You will be surprised by the endless variety of creative stories that Russian women can come up with!

There is a type of traditional Russian poetry called chastushka. These are sung or spoken very fast and are humorous, satirical, ironic and put to music with balalaika or accordion accompaniment.

If you fall in love with one of our Russian women then you may experience many of these jokes at your wedding reception. Russian people love to celebrate and laugh a lot so their wedding receptions are so much fun to attend.

If you are thinking about meeting a beautiful Russian woman then don’t hesitate! Browse our Russian women profiles today.

6 Comments regarding “Russian women and their culture: Jokes!”
  1. Serghei says:

    Doctor: This medicine is from insomnia, this one is from nervous break-down, and also take this one from depression.
    Patient: Thank you very much, doctor, but do you have any other medicine besides vodka?

  2. Serghei says:

    Wife is sitting near his dying husband.
    – Masha, do you remember how I was fired and couldn’t find a job for 3 years. You stayed with me then.
    – Yes, darling, I remember.
    – Masha, do you remember how I was drunk and got my car smashed up in an accident? You were visiting me in hospital for 5 years.
    – Yes, honey, I remember.
    – And now when I’m dying you are sitting here with me.
    – (Crying) Yes, my treasure!
    – Masha, I’m starting to believe YOU brings me bad luck…

  3. Serghei says:

    Wife comes home in new shoes and says:
    – I’m so lucky! When I was taking the rubbish out and found a new pair of shoes. I put them on and just imagine: they were exactly of my size!
    – Yes, you are lucky.
    In a few days wife comes home in a new fur-coat and says:
    – I’m so lucky. When I was returning home in the bus I found a new fur-coat. I put it on and just imagine: it was exactly of my size!
    Yes, you are lucky, while I am not. Just imagine: I found the trunks under our pillow but they are not of my size!

  4. Serghei says:

    A family decided to hang new wallpaper, but they don’t know how many rolls to buy. The wife suggested to ask the neighbors from the second floor because their apartments are of the same size and she knew they have hung new wallpaper recently. So, the husband goes to the neighbors:
    HUSBAND: How many rolls of wallpaper did you buy?
    NEIGHBOURS: 16 rolls
    So the husband bought 16 rolls, hung them and it appeared that there were extra 6 rolls left. He goes to the neighbors again:
    HUSBAND: What’s wrong with you, guys?! There are 6 rolls left!
    NEIGHBOURS: Yes, we had 6 rolls left as well.

  5. Vladimir says:

    A Georgian is making love to his bride but can’t effect penetration. He tries and tries until he’s half dead with exhaustion and his cock is raw. Finally he makes it…

    ‘Phew,’ he says, wiping the sweat from his face. ‘I didn’t know you were still a virgin . . .’

    ‘Are you joking?’ replies the bride. ‘Did no one ever tell you not to throw a woman on to the bed before she’s had a chance to take off her tights?’

  6. Vladimir says:

    An elegant couple was walking down the street when a pigeon flew overhead and dropped a message on the woman’s shoulder.

    ‘Oh!’ shrieked the woman and turned to her companion.

    ‘Have you got any paper?’

    Her companion looked up at the sky in surprise:

    ‘What am I supposed to do, fly after him?’

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