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Is it a Russian Bride Scam? Four Warning Signs You Need to Watch Out For

July 12th, 2009
Written by Yuliya

Like the saying goes, the first step in avoiding a Russian Bride scam site is to know that it exists.

And the second step is to know the warning signs you need to be watching out for. Here are four of the most common ones… Keep them in mind as you search for a beautiful Russian bride to love.

1. If she comes on too strong, ask yourself WHY.

However charming and attractive you think you are, having a beautiful Russian woman fall in love with you after a few letters is out of the ordinary.

It’s perfectly acceptable for Russian brides to make the first move, but if a Russian woman you meet online comes on too strong without knowing anything about you, or even seeing your photo, then you should question her motives.

2. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The same goes for a beautiful Russian woman with glamorous movie star photos who say they’re looking for much older men… Honestly, does that sound very realistic to you?

(Of course, people of all ages can and do fall in love with each other… but most beautiful young women don’t start their search saying they are *only* interested in much older men — don’t you think?)

3. If she never wants to meet with you or asks you for large sums of money, run!

If your beautiful Russian woman suggests a meeting or a visit, but then falls ill and keeps on putting you off, that should be enough of a red flag to make you back off. And if she mentions a family member who needs a serious surgery — and then asks you to pay for it — run away fast!

No self-respecting beautiful Russian woman would ever demand money from someone she barely knows.

4. If her story keeps on changing, it’s time to move on

Once you start talking to a beautiful Russian woman, keep copies of all correspondence – all the letters and emails you send and receive. It won’t hurt to occasionally ask questions which have been already answered. It’s a very good way to verify truthfulness.

Follow up on things she says. For example, if your beautiful Russian woman mentions that she is going to spend a weekend with her parents in the countryside, ask her to send you a picture. Pay attention to the details and locations of her photos, along with any other information you can see.

Nowadays, this kind of information is easily verified, thanks to Google Maps and other similar tools. You should look for large buildings, streets, and other landmarks, and use them to at the very least confirm your beautiful Russian woman is where she says she is and to find out more about her and her life.

Most of this advice is common sense, and necessary if you have any concerns about the legitimacy of the agency you’re working with. The safest way to avoid a Russian Bride scam is to choose a reputable, trustworthy agency, and keep asking questions until you feel comfortable.

You should always be the one to start the dialogue and send the first message. By making the first move and choosing realistic women to talk to, you’re far less likely to get taken advantage of.

Keep your eyes open for the warning signs and don’t let your search for love and happiness get derailed by dishonest Russian Bride scammers!

And if you want to meet a beautiful woman who’s guaranteed to be a real person and not part of a Russian scam, browse our Russian bride profiles now.

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    a man who needs a passionate life

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