Thoughts from the daughter of a Russian mail order bride – part 3

June 18th, 2009
Written by Anastasiya

There was one more thing I wanted to tell you about my experience as a daughter of a “Russian mail order bride.”

That is the relationship I have with my stepfather, Alain, and his son Charles.

I can say with pleasure that my life has changed for the better since Mum became a “Russian mail order bride” and met Alain, the man of her dreams. Mum is happy and cheerful now that she has a husband and doesn’t have to solve everything by herself. And I can relax and enjoy life!

The moment I met Alain, I had the feeling that I had known him for many years. He is very kind to me and we have a very comfortable relationship. I was never close with my birth father and so am very happy to have in my life someone who can be a “real” father to me.

I have a very good relationship with my step-brother, Charles, as well. I shall tell you a secret: I always wished for an older brother who would act as a defender and a friend. Charles has become this for me. He helps me study French, do my homework, and many other things as well.

Since coming to Canada with my mother, the “Russian mail order bride,” everyone has been very open, willing and happy to help. My new school friends have made me feel comfortable and helped me adapt to my surroundings. Sure, it was difficult at first. But my friends are looking out for me and are happy for my success. They also help me study language. I feel their respect because I can speak their language. They understand that I am not as fluent as they are, but I at least try.

I haven’t had any real problems adjusting to school in Canada. I have caring teachers. Especially I want to give my big thanks to my French teacher, Diane, who has become my senior friend. She carefully follows my lessons and asked other teachers about my successes as well.

To tell you the truth, if anybody suggested I go back to Belarus, I would say “no thanks!” It is good here for me in Canada.

If you are thinking of becoming a “Russian mail order bride,” don’t be afraid of any difficulties you may face in your new country. Just look them directly in the face and go forward, like my mother and I have.

I am so grateful to God that my mother became a “Russian mail order bride” because now I have the wonderful family I always dreamed of!

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