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Has your beautiful Russian woman “lost that loving feeling?”

August 26th, 2009
Written by Yuliya

Just imagine: you’re married to the beautiful Russian woman of your dreams.

Now the honeymoon is over and you have brought your lovely bride back to your home country… and you notice that she’s not putting the same care into her appearance as she used to.

You come home from work and she’s wearing jeans instead of a tight red dress. Her hair is pulled back in a careless ponytail instead of being swept into a chic “up-do.” And she’s not even wearing any makeup!
… What does this mean? Doesn’t she want to be attractive for you anymore? Has the romance gone out of the relationship already?

Not at all!

If your beautiful Russian isn’t spending two hours on her appearance every morning it’s a sign that she is probably devoting that time to other things that are even more important to her and you now.

Instead of doing her hair, she is cooking your favourite meals. Instead of applying makeup and the most fashionable clothes, she is cleaning your house and making sure it is a spotless place for you to relax in when you come home from work.

Your beautiful Russian bride is more concerned about BEING her best than LOOKING her best – and that is a wonderful thing. It means that she trusts you to love her for who she is, not what she looks like.

So don’t worry if your beautiful Russian bride dresses more casually around you. It means she feels more comfortable around you and knows she has the freedom to spend her time on more important things, like making your house a warm and loving home.

(But she’ll still dress up for those special occasions, so make sure you take her out sometimes for romantic candle-lit dinners to keep the “spark” alive!)

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