What do beautiful Russian women fear most?

September 5th, 2009
Written by Yuliya

Now that you have decided to choose a beautiful Russian woman to be your partner in life, you need to seriously consider what this means – for her.

If you are planning to marry a beautiful Russian woman and bring her to your home country, you have to know how such a momentous move will affect her. Naturally, even if your Russian bride loves you and is delighted to become your wife, still she will feel some fear about the huge changes that are about to take place in her life.

First, your beautiful Russian woman is bound to feel some fear about giving up her familiar way of life. She will be leaving behind everything that is known and comfortable – including her language and family.

Speaking of family, maybe your beautiful Russian woman already has a child. She will have a lot of fear around your first meeting with her child. Obviously she will want you and her child – the two most important people in her life! – to get along. So you must be friendly, generous and caring to her child. But remember, a child’s life cannot be bought. In order to win her child’s affection, you must earn it through love, patience, and understanding.

And of course, your beautiful Russian woman will also feel fear concerning the new life that awaits her. Not only will she have to learn a new language, she will also have to deal with a new culture and its unfamiliar traditions. Here’s where you need do reassure her. Let her know that you will be a real helpmate and adviser to her.

Just imagine – your beautiful Russian woman will be facing all these fears… and yet she still is willing to deal with them in order to spend her life with you. That is a testament to the strong feelings she has for you.

… And by knowing what these fears are, you can reassure her and help her work through them – and that will make her love you even more!

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9 Comments regarding “What do beautiful Russian women fear most?”
  1. Erik says:

    Do you know what women fear most?

    Of course, losing a child tops the list. No woman ever wants to face such a tragedy.

    After losing a child, a woman’s top fears include divorce, cancer, and becoming fat.

    This last one’s a biggie. Women of all ages fear packing on pounds, losing their figure… and… becoming unattractive. It’s no wonder. What woman can compete with the digitally enhanced photos plastered on all the fashion magazines?

    Most women in their 30s and 40s who are now out of shape say that everything changed… when they had kids.
    In other words, getting pregnant was the beginning of the and for their bodies. They’ve struggled with weight ever

  2. Erik says:

    Fear of being alone

    A megalopolis civilization – that is the actual name for the ugliness most of us are forced to live in – cultivates individuality and dissociation. Loneliness in a big city has long been declared a neurosis, subject to treatment. And women suffer of it much more frequently then men, and more painfully. For women – even if they are quite successful in business – can fully realize their potential only in the family, while men have other ways of realization. Lack of people a woman can care about, lack of family can provoke not only a neurotic dissonance, but consequences of a more harmful nature.

  3. Erik says:

    Fear of age

    Beauty industry applying revolutionary know-hows, cosmetic surgeons working wonders with faces and bodies, 70-year old movie stars looking younger than their granddaughters – none of this eliminates women’s fear of becoming old and faded. Mostly these are women aged 30 to 50, used to taking care of their appearance. Specialists say age dictatorship has to be defeated on a psychological level. Probably when job offers are not limited by “age of 30 and less” or when stating date of birth in passport is outlawed.

  4. Mohammad Mosaddek Hussain says:

    Dear beautiful russians
    I like and love russians. I want to make a long friendship (even marriage) with Russian/Belarus/Ukrainian broadhearted girls/women, specially Doctor/Nurse/Russian Language teachers who r caring, sincere,honest,trustworthy,loyal with a good sense of humor. Remember, U can get many friends in this world but how much r trustworthy and loyal to u? Friends comes from heaven and frindship comes from paradise so u have to find out the pure one who feel, understand and love u with his full heart for life. Well educated, broadhearted and unconditional and promise keeping friends r invited. Write me directly to: mosaddekshaheen@yahoo.com
    Waiting for anybody real and true lovers in this selfish world. Dasvidania. Ya Lublu russians.Spasiba.

  5. mostafa says:

    hello my frend anna haw are you am mostafa from spain a like yours relation

  6. abdelouahab chebah says:

    hello ? nice to meet u is very nice sit. becouse women ressiane is very cool didt abdelouahab_c2000@hotmail.com sory f my englich

  7. Junior - Brazil says:

    I’m simply in love with Russian women are very beautiful, and above all have moral values, and most want to have a family, love to dedicate this family, be a good wife. They are in-hand against the Western world, where practical relationships without love, get to stay. I want to find my beautiful Russian wife and bring her with me, and dedicate my life to it.

  8. Flavio says:

    It is very natural this fear. They will leave their world: family, friends and their culture. Incumbent upon us, leave them as comfortable as possible so that this transition is made smoothly and painlessly.

  9. Vai says:

    This is understandable however I’ve also read the other side of the story where the horror stories of countless women have married men in order to get into another country and then they show true colors and raise hell and leave the man after filing false abuse charges etc. The courts are finally starting to see the pattern and aren’t falling for it anymore so much

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