Ukraine traveling experience

August 9th, 2012
Written by Traveler

As for me, it was my first trip ever to Ukraine, so I was a bit nervous, you hear so many things about a country, some is true and some is of course false, but now I will tell you what I discovered, experienced for one week in October 2011.

My first impression was in the airport, where two customers did hold me back for about 20 minutes, they wanted to know some stuff I have bought in Istanbul  airport, it was some perfume and small souvenirs, I don´t know why they did it because their English was not very good, but after about 20 minutes I could go.

Denis, a driver from Sevastopol was waiting for me and should drive me to Sevastopol, a long drive for about 7 hours, with a lot of bad roads, but my driver was very nice, he spoke a little English, but not that much, but still we could almost understand each other.
After 7 hours I came to my apartment and it was a good apartment.
Now I will tell you some small things from my days in Ukraine.

I had an experience where I went to the bank and wanted to change some dollars into hrynias, but the bankier just shaked her head, and she could not understand any English at all, I tried to explain her that I wanted to change some money, but no, I had to go without changing any of my money.
I then had to use my credit card, it is possible to pay with it almost everywhere – I mean in the shops and also in the restaurants.

There are plenty of beautiful girl women ladies just in the streets of any town/city /village… This fact is amazing – I have travelled all over the world and never seen so many beauties just this way… I mean usually there not so many pretty women walking in the streets – maybe in some fancy places or maybe you can see a pretty face on TV or just behind the window of the car…. There are plenty of them here and you feel like in paradise because of this )))

Some of the positive I will tell is that there are many nice people in Ukraine, many helpful people, there are also many nice places.

I had a really nice  time there where I saw such a big difference from my country.
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Tony – Sweden

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