A US Man View of Russian and Ukrainian Women

May 16th, 2012
Written by A client

I will tell you about my dating experience with an open heart. I came to this site – mypartnerforever – because I have met Russian and Ukrainian women in the U.S. and I was impressed with the value system and the sincerity of their emotions. I also think that women from Eastern Europe appreciate a Good Man, who is stable and protective, and romantic.

There are some American women who are like that, but I think not as many. I also think that Ukrainian women take care of themselves with great dignity and care. My present lady with whom I am communicating via this site is a perfect example of that. And European Women in general are more mature.

Too many American women are grown up children. I am not bitter about that. I have had two wonderful women in my life, and many girlfriends, but now I am of an age where a woman’s value system and maturity are most important to me, so that’s why I am here.

Yes, I also want a woman with whom I can do many different things because she has enthusiasm for life. But that woman must also want the tender moments at home with the Man she loves and who loves her. If I can find such a Woman in Ukraine, I would be a happy man, and I would provide a very good life for her.

I live a good life, I don’t have to worry about money, I live in a beautiful City, but there is a hole in this picture that needs someone to fill it – I hope and even sure that this is she. A man and a woman should complement each other, complete each other, not just have the same interests. They must be best friends. They must come home and be happy that the other is there to greet them, to smile and kiss, and to share everything, from the little things in their day, to the most important things of family and friends.

The first time I saw her profile on this site I see immediately, from her smile and her words, that she is an honest and sincere Woman. I appreciate that she is also very beautiful.

I hope to see her soon – I just ordered the tickets… and I am sure if I fall in love with her, it will not be with her picture, but with the Whole Woman.

Mark Murphy – Philadelphia


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