Dating and Matchmaking on the local scene: my personal experience – Part 5

May 3rd, 2010
Written by Alain

One day, by coincidence, I happened to talk to a beautiful lady who was using one of the same dating website I did. She told me that after displaying her profile, she got near 500 letters within 24 hours and over 2000 after a week. Well, that explained a big part of why I was not getting replies from these beautiful single women. How can a woman open a thousand letters? They probably only open those which are accompanied by a picture of a Richard Gere or Brad Pitt type of photo.

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And I couldn’t blame them; after all they are not going to hire a secretary to screen their mail. So, I guess this is human nature. Men pay a monthly subscription and can write letters for free. Well, they do write lots of letters, left and right. It is obvious that many men will send their intro letter to any woman who looks good, doesn’t matter what she writes in her profile, which they probably never read anyways.

How to go around this? I still believed that there were many decent beautiful women out there who may be just looking for a guy like me. It was just a question of getting their attention. What to do to get them to notice me? Putting a “nicer” picture went through my mind but did not get any further of course. Believe or not, I spoke to women who told me that they went across town to meet men who looked beautiful on their profile picture and looked very ordinary in person. The pictures were from somebody else or from them 10-15 years ago – this is the truth, unreal.

After near a year and a half of dedicating most of my free time to this time demanding process and as I was ready to quit, I met a wonderful woman with who it clicked. Despite the numerous hours spent on browsing profiles on Internet dating websites and writing letters every evening, it was the traditional newspapers singles listings that helped me find a good match. Within 6 months, we moved together and shared a very nice relationship for the next 5 years. On a Friday afternoon, my spouse announced me that she had been offered a “can’t refuse” job which she accepted.

The only problem was that this job was 8 hours away from where we lived and sharing custody of my son, with his mother who lived in our neighbourhood, would not be possible from such a distance. So again, the working-family-working single part time dad found himself alone.

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