What to Eat While Traveling in Russia and the Ukraine

January 6th, 2012
Written by Elena

This article is devoted to all the folks who are going to visit their adorable ladies from MPF this winter. So now, on your next trip to Russia, if it would ever happen, or just on a visit to Russia for a rest, you can have an idea on what to order first in a simple restaurant.

In Russia, it’s not common to eat much for breakfast. A usual breakfast could include common europenian  breakfast as eggs and sandwiches. But there are some traditional Russian dishes as for example sirniki. Sirniki is made from dough containing lots of cottage cheese and fried on a pan. They are usually served with sour cream and sugar. Blini and blinchiki are other common morning meals. Blini are practically the same as English pancakes. InRussia, they are served with butter and sugar, also with sour cream and sugar, or with cottage cheese, meat, jam or caviar. Blinchiki are very small blini.

Dinner consists of several courses. It’s common to call them first course, second course and third course. First course is a soup. Second course includes meat and garnish. Third course is usually desert or some drink. It’s usually tea, coffee, juice or compot

So what do Russians eat? At first shi of course. Shi is a soup made from meat, cabbage, carrot, potatoes, tomatoes and onions. Add some sour-cream to it and you’ll get a delicious taste. That’s something that helps Russians to warm during the cold winter. Maybe many people haven’t heard about shi before, but everybody knows borshch. In fact borshch is shi with beet. That’s why it has red colour and shi has yellow one. That’s the main difference between these soups. Borshch is more often related to courses of the Ukrainian cuisine.

The traditional salad inRussiais olivye! As a tradition Russians prepare it on every holiday. This salad is sometimes called Russian salad abroad. It is prepared from boiled chicken or beef tongue – in original receipt, potato, carrot, conserved peas, pickled cucumbers, onion and mayonnaise. Very tasty!!!!

Besides soups, Russians have some other tasty things. Golubtsi and pelmeni are among them. They are popular in many countries abroad but you should try them inRussiabecause here they are the best.

So don’t forget to say “Pryatnogo appetita!” starting your meal. It’s considered to be polite here to wish everyone ‘good appetite’.

Sincerely, Elena Naumova

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