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Will you have to pay a ransom for your Russian bride???

June 7th, 2009
Written by Yuliya

If you’re interested in the beautiful Russian brides on this site, we have to warn you:

You may have to pay a hefty ransom for your Russian bride!

But don’t worry – this isn’t the kind of ransom that requires you to pull out your wallet… Paying a bridal “ransom” is actually a fun part of the Russian wedding tradition.

Here’s what happens:

When you get married in Russia, you and your Russian bride will exchange rings during the Russian wedding ceremony (called “brakosochetanie”) and sign the registry book. Then you will go to your Russian bride’s home with your closest friends and relatives to “claim” your beautiful bride.

But before your Russian bride’s girlfriends will surrender her to you, they will force you to play a number of different “ransom games.” (These ransom games are called “Vykup Nevesty” in Russian.)

So what kind of “ransom” will you be forced to pay?

You might have to sing songs, solve riddles, do a funny dance, or some other silly task. It’s all a big joke with both the groom’s side and the bride’s side competing for laughs.

But even after you’ve “won” your Russian bride from her girlfriends, you will have to keep a close eye on her at all times. For once you’re at the wedding reception, your own friends and relatives might be tempted to steal her out from under your nose and force you to pay another ransom for her!

Hopefully one day you will get to experience the fun of a Russian celebration. But first you have to find your special woman among the Russian brides on our site.

Don’t delay—browse our Russian bride profiles and find your true love today!

2 Comments regarding “Will you have to pay a ransom for your Russian bride???”
  1. Jackson says:

    If you are considering pursuing a relationship with a Russian woman, a great idea is to learn about Russia. The socialism, the economics, and anything else you can learn will give you a great advantage. Russian women that you converse with will know that you understand a little about their culture and social norms. Here is some information that you may find helpful when talking to your Russian woman.

    The position of Russian women in social structure has been a little different from that of American women. It wasn’t until the 18th century that Russian women had any legal rights at all. They were basically viewed as the property of their husband, and everything they had came from him. They were the homemakers, and everything they did revolved around making sure that their husband was happy and that their children were taken care of.

    No woman wants to be suppressed, including Russian women, however, they are still very family oriented. While they enjoy being individuals, just like any other woman, they value family and marriage very much.

    The 1860’s was the starting point of a long struggle for Russian women. They fought for women’s education, legal rights, and higher social standing. In Russia today, things are a lot better than they were in the past, however women are still discriminated against. It’s a lot harder for a Russian woman to find a high paying job than it is for a Russian man, and there are very few Russian politicians who are women.

    During Russia’s Soviet era, Russian people were in a society of chaos. There were no family values, and society was atomized so that the communist regime could control each and every person. There was a strict and unbending hierarchy that peaked at the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

    In Russia, after the Soviet era, and even today, people are trying to form healthy families, community service, trust and responsibility. Many people still hold the views of the Soviet times, and communistic visions.

    It can be difficult for a Russian woman to find a husband that is interested in her being his equal, and putting the safety and well-being of her and their family as his first priority. Russian women, who hold marriage and the family very highly in their views, are turning more and more to American men who wish for the same things.

    When you’re talking or conversing with your Russian woman, you should know that her first interest is probably having a family with a man who will value it highly, and take very good care of her and the family. While monetary issues are not all that matters, Russian women are very conscious of the fact that it takes money to ensure a happy family and to make sure it’s needs are met. Russian women don’t necessarily care if you are extremely wealthy, they will feel much better knowing that the monthly bills will be paid with ease and there will be extra money for other needs.

    Russian women don’t differ from American women too much in the areas that matter, like needing affection, love, attention, and security. If you understand that all women desire these things, then speaking to your Russian woman should be no problem

  2. Yuliya says:

    Hello Jackson,

    Thanks for the great info and advice. Indeed Russian women aren’t different from other women in many ways and are different in other ways …well for sure, they highly value the family life and this is what many men from America are seeking in a partner.

    Unfortunately, many of your women (North America)make the career such important that they forget about the family importance in a couple and in life in general.

    I (as most Russian women) think that education and career are important but not as much as family. One can always find another job …but changing partner is not what life is about.

    You are right for the money too, Russian women aren’t stupid and they understand very well to have financial security. Believe me, Russian women know about the value of money early in life and they work hard for it. However and as you mentioned, what matters the most to them is to have a decent and reliable partner. They are not lookig for gold, as long as the bills are paid and there is some left for leisure, it’s fine. If more: it’s a bonus!

    Indeed, it’s difficult to find such a man in Russia. There’s a saying “good men to marry in Russia are married before they come out of their diapers”. Those who aren’t married often to behave in an irresponsible way and thus don’t attract the Russian women seeking a serious partner. Maybe our men are “spoiled” by too many single women? In my town of Grodno (Belarus), there is a ratio of approx 5 women for men …imagine how difficult it is to find a partner.

    This is partly why so many Russian women turn to men from countires such as the US, Canada, UK, Western Europe and Australis where they have a much better chance to find their life partner.

    Good luck to you in finding your Russian bride!


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